Sport Youth Leadership

Level 1 Award

EDSPORA is proud to announce the Youth Sport Leadership Award

This qualification is designed to support the development of youth leadership skills within high school age athletes. The qualification has been developed with sports leaders and university professors. 

This qualification ensures that the knowledge, skills and understanding provided are relevant, current and useful for both elite athletes and learners in terms of future college placement and employment. 

The course is classed as a hybrid course. Hybrid courses meet in both the traditional and the virtual (online) classroom according to a predefined schedule. In other words, there are face-to-face class time(s) and times where you are completing course work online without coming to the classroom.

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Athlete's Identity

Students learn to collaborate, exchange thoughts, perspectives, and plans in groups. That the world really needs guiding figures who will lead society in the right direction, who will influence and listen to them and their problems. You are able to practice your leadership skills and get a better understanding of your position in the group.

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Your Value

Increase your self esteem while working with your teammates and group members. You will have the opportunity to share their successes, even the pain, time and time again, you gain experience and expertise and begin to understand leadership.  

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Best Practices

Imagine after this course you have mastered the elements of  youth leadership for a moment, and you can now make your team,  your school, your college, and the world, a better place as we continue to grow and learn.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Youth Leadership

The Edspora Level 1 Award in Sport Youth Leadership is a qualification that consists of eight core units and an elective – Game Strategy. 

1. Online Questionnaire Through EDSPORA

Leadership reflection - what have you done? The purpose of this unit is for learners to understand how to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, attributes and abilities in order to set manageable, achievable long-term and short-term work and personal life goals.

2. Leadership Skills

This unit presents the essential skills of leadership and how learners can develop these skills. The material covers the core features of leadership, how to direct, make decisions, and provide advice and input.

3. Identifying Your Leadership Style

There are many ways to lead and the session will focus on the learner identifying the style that best fits them.

4. Practicing Leadership Skills with Others

The purpose of this unit is to give students the opportunity to exercise and analyze leadership skills in group activities.

5. Communicating Solutions to Others

The unit enables learners to develop their skills both orally and in writing in communicating solutions. The effectiveness of their contact will be tested by learners.

6. Leading a Team

This unit looks at how successful members of a team can be learners. Learners can understand the skills, duties and responsibilities necessary to complete the task of the team and match their skills accordingly; engage in team activities and evaluate their contribution.

7. Learning from More Experienced People

This unit supports learners both inside and outside the workplace to acquire expertise and understanding from a number of experienced individuals. Learners can focus on their learning and explore how their new skills and abilities can be implemented

8. Careers in Sport

Discussion of different environments of sport industry, eg. professional sport, college athletics, sport marketing agency etc.

Elective: Game Strategy​​

Immerse yourself in to a soccer tournament and see your new found leadership skills unfold. The games take place most of the days.

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Who Should Attend

For younger leaders, two points must be made: first, that they are important for the growth of a country; and second, that they inspire more young leaders.

The program is directed at the high school age athletes and individuals who are interested in learning more about leadership. In fact, there is great opportunities for sharing across sports in the sessions. This leadership can be in form of individuals serving as CEOs, executive directors, directors of coaching, business officers or those who serve as leaders on the boards of sport clubs and organizations.

Format: Participants will be asked to view presentations in advance of the course and the workshop will be an interactive experience of sharing amongst club leaders from various sports in breakout rooms under the direction of the Workshop Faculty.

Leadership Schedule

This is a schedule from one of our recent courses.

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Matt Robinson

University of Delaware

Andrew Donnery

Elk Grove Soccer/EDSPORA

Our Colleagues

Leaders in their Field

We have collaborated with the following

Matt Robinson

University of Delaware

Cam Kiosoglous

Drexel University

Andrew Donnery

Elk Grove Soccer/EDSPORA

Catherine Reddick

Philadelphia Rowing

Cara Head Slaughter

USA Weight Lifting/Former Olympian

Katie Bergey

Team Money Lacrosse

Ben Frank

LA Reign Hockey Club

Chris Snyder

Vice President Operations at i9 Sports

Adam Hertz

Sport Leadership and Culture Consultant

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Our current dates are listed, if no dates are listed, please contact us as we are in the process of setting up our new classes. 

Due to current restrictions we suggest you either bring your own lunch or get lunch off campus during your lunch hour.

We have created the schedule to allow you time to return home to get a shower after the games before going to the classroom. 

The two main instructors are Dr. Matt Robinson and Andrew Donnery. 

Please check the schedule on this page. For the field sessions (they are labeled) – you need your usual sports kit/water etc and for the classroom sessions – please bring something to take notes (computer/phone/tablet/pad). 

Yes, you get a certificate from EDSPORA.

All units of the course need to be completed to get your certificate.

Please feel free to contact Andrew at

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