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EDSPORA is proud to announce

The USOPC Sport Club Leadership program in response to the growing importance of the sport club environment in offering participation opportunities and developing elite athletes. 

The USOPC has partnered with the University of Delaware, Drexel University and National Governing Bodies to offer a course designed for leaders of local youth sport clubs and organizations so they will further understand the importance of both the management and leadership of an organization as well as the science, theory, and applied practice associated with athlete development that the sport club can provide.

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Who Should Attend

The program is directed at the leaders of sport club in any sport. In fact, there is great opportunities for sharing across sports in the sessions. This leadership can be in form of individuals serving as CEOs, executive directors, directors of coaching, business officers or those who serve as leaders on the boards of sport clubs and organizations.

Free Sport Club Leadership Webinars

Rethinking Your Club Post Pandemic: Practical Strategies for Moving Forward

Moderator: Andrew Donnery and Cam Kiosoglous

The Pandemic has served as a test for sport organizations where some have fared better than others.. The session will focus on discussing strategies club can utilize as they move forward in developing policies, procedures, staffing plans, resource allocation and revenue streams funding based on what was learned and how the landscape has changed because of the pandemic

Motivating, Leading and Inspiring your Staff: Both Professionals and Volunteers

Moderator: Cam Kiosoglous and Matt Robinson

The Pandemic has affected a clubs most valuable resource, your volunteers and professional staff. The impact has ranged from burnout at one of the spectrum to disenfranchised at the other. The session will focus on motivating, leading and inspiring these people through understanding the motives, skills and talents of your people and implementing strategies so that your people can each be the best that can be in what they do best for the betterment of your club and its athletes as the clubs moves into the future.

Engaging in and Impacting the Local, Political Landscape for the Betterment of your Club

Moderator: Matt Robinson and Andrew Donnery

The Pandemic has led to political decisions being made outside of the club that have impacted the club. The session will focus on strategies on how to engage with key stakeholders and decision makers so that the club is part of the local decision making process in the future.

Sport Club Leadership Workshops

Format: Participants will be asked to view presentations in advance of the weekend and the workshop will be an interactive experience of sharing amongst club leaders from various sports in breakout rooms under the direction of the Workshop Faculty.

Dates:  We are in the process of planning our next Sport Leadership Workshop. Please contact us, and we will add you to our interest list. 

Using the ADM as Your Clubs Guiding Philosophy

Strategic Planning

Financial Realities and Strategies of Club Sport

Risk Management

Staff and Volunteer Enrichment and Development

Athlete Development

Talent Identification

Consumer Behavior

Value Proposition Corporate Partnership


Club Governance

Effective Club Leadership

Balancing Roles of CEO/CFO/Mentor/Coach

Actions Now to be Prepared for the Future


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