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Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

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Using industry leaders and latest technology, we help you create the sports organisation your members want. We offer you state of the art analysis of your current organisation and tailor made our services to meet your needs

Consulting Services

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Using EDSPORA as consultant to provide services to your organization can be an attractive option. It offers flexibility, allowing you to use our unique skillset for specific projects, as and when the occasion demands, to meet the requirements of the budget of the organization.


Once the budget has been established, our first step to meeting desired goals and objectives, we conduct thorough a deep analysis of your organization’s current strengths and differentiators in your markets in order to achieve a common understanding of what is working and what is not.


Once a complete analysis has been done, an action plan can be developed in alignment with your organisation’s goals and vision. EDSPORA will work together with you to develop a plan that is actionable, feasible, and tailored to your needs.


Implementation effectiveness can be measured by how well the organization meets the projections set out in the planning stage. To achieve effective implementation, an organization must ensure that any changes initiated by the plan are integrated in to daily, monthly and yearly planning.


At EDSPORA, we welcome the opportunity to play a key role in the execution of your strategic plan. Organisations are able to select which services to outsource on an a-la-carte basis. Our role in the partnership is to provide expertise where needed.

Ongoing Evaluation

The evaluation portion of the process is ongoing and necessary to ensure our strategies and tactics are resulting in desired outcomes. We define and measure key performance indicators, and based on these metrics, we continuously adjust our strategy.

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